With reference to France’s “Islamist Separatism Bill” which has been passed by 347-151 votes in the lower house of the French Parliament, Prakhar Shrivastava in today’s episode demonstrates the drive shown by President Emmanuel Macron of France to make the Bill a reality. France is home to 6 Million Muslims. Despite facing opposition from the Muslim world, both in France and across, Macron has advocated for “Islam of France” from “Islam in France”. Know the various provisions in the Bill which will help defeat formation of an environment conducive for Islamic extremism. Taking the example of France, the episode endorses the need of a Uniform Civil Code in India too. Although the need for such a Code has been discussed for years in India, no government or political party seems to be keen or has the necessary wherewithal to see it through. Appeasement politics has taken center stage in India. Based on events which led to the passing of France’s “Islamist Separatism” Bill, Prakhar urges the powers that be in India to learn from this historical event and lists the disadvantages of a system endorsing multiple laws, based on one’s religious leanings. Country first and everything else should be the motto of every nation. Watch this fascinating episode and keep siding with the truth, keep watching “Khari Baat, Prakhar Ke Sath”.
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