Congress has once again entered into a strategic alliance with Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s party in Kerala. In the upcoming state assembly elections in Kerala, Congress has decided to share 26 seats with the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). If you still think that the IUML of Kerala has nothing to do with Jinnah’s Muslim League, then you are mistaken. In today’s episode, Prakhar Shrivastava through facts and evidence will expose links between Jinnah’s pre-partition Muslim League and Kerala’s IUML. Know the history of Muslim League in Kerala and India. Know about B. Pocker Sahib Bahadur and M. Muhammad Ismail, staunch disciples of Jinnah who did not migrate to Pakistan post-partition, but stayed on in India to revive Jinnah’s Muslim League in Kerala. What was the demand for the formation of Mopalistan in the lines of Pakistan’s creation? Know the nexus of Islamic fundamentalists and the Congress. Know how Nehru recognized for his secular values, partnered with the radical Muslim League in power in 1960. Know this and more about Islamic fundamentalism and electoral politics in Kerala. Keep watching Khari Baat, Prakhar Ke Sath.

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