Pakistan observes Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5 February every year to demonstrate it’s so called support to Kashmir. Like every year, this year too, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has called upon the international community to hold India accountable for its crimes against humanity in Indian Kashmir. This is the height of Pakistan’s dichotomy and hypocrisy, when, Pakistan is itself trying to suppress separatists movements on its own soil through unfair means. In today’s episode, Prakhar Shrivastava with facts and evidence tells the inside stories of its cruelty with regards to the demand of Sindhudesh, Balochistan, and Pashtūnistān in Pakistan and how it has been violating human rights when addressing this issue. Know how Pakistan is running thousands of fake Twitter and other social media accounts to spread false propaganda on Kashmir. Know how Pakistan suppresses the voices of its own citizenry. How can a country launch a defense developed Shaheen Missile on its own territory (Balochistan) just to prove a point and bring its own people under control? Know how instead of managing its own internal challenges, Pakistan drums up the Kasmir issue on international forums, which seems to be a face facing strategy to gain international sympathy. Know the complete about separatist movements in Pakistan and China’s growing role. Keep watching “Khari Baat Prakhar Ke Saath”.
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