Do you know, the seeds of Pakistan are being sown once again on Indian soil? Anwar Sadique Faisi, editor of Satyadhara (Samasta Kerala Sunni Students’ Federation’s magazine) has called for Telangana Model agitation to demand a Muslim majority Malabar State by bifurcating Kerala. This is the same Malabar area that has an intensive anti-Hindu history. With facts and evidence, in today’s episode of “Khari Baat”, Prakhar Srivastava reveals how preparations are being made to build another Pakistan on Indian soil. Know the factual details of Malabar’s geography, population, and religion. The real secret behind the rapidly increasing Muslim population in the region. Know how there are false claims being made of the region being backward. What is the UN Report warning India about Muslim Fundamentalists in Kerala and Karnataka? Know about the history of rebellion against Hindus in Mopala of Malabar. This and much more, keep watching Khari Baat Prakhar ke Saath!