It seems the Honorable Supreme Court’s value in this country is on the decline. It has paused the implementation of the Farm Bills, but this has not translated into the farmers calling off their protests. Farmer bodies involved in protests say that this movement will continue, till the law is repealed. This irresponsible attitude of the farmer organizations proves that there is an ulterior motive to the protests. Anarchy seems to be the real agenda. Right from the start of the farmers’ protests, it was clear that farmer interests were not the main objective. Left-leaning organizations are behind the protests as they feel it is an opportune time to vitiate the country’s atmosphere. Intelligence reports have proved that left organizations in the name of the peasant movement not only want to topple the government of the country, but they are also trying to the impetus to the Khalistan movement. In fact, Punjab has always been the target of left parties. To separate Punjab from India, the Left has been plotting this agenda since the pre-Independence times. In this episode know what were those conspiracies and the hidden leftist agenda. Keep watching Khari Baat Prakhar ke Sath
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