Recent images which confirms construction of a village inside India’s limits in Arunachal Pradesh by the Chinese threatens the territorial integrity of the country. Instead of fighting a united battle alongside the government, Rahul Gandhi leader of the opposition has posted tweets criticizing the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government. Rahul Gandhi has failed to realize that the present situation in Arunachal Pradesh is majorly the doing of his maternal great grandfather, the late Jawaharlal Nehru. Referring two landmark books on the Sino-India conflict – Himalayan Blunder (written by Brig. John Dalvi) and Self Deception: India’s China Policies: Origins, Premises, Lessons (written by Arun Shourie), Prakhar Shrivastava in today’s episode of, “Khari Baat” delves into Nehru’s indecision(s) and affinity towards China as being the main reasons for the initial incursions by China into India (through Arunachal Pradesh) in 1959 and the subsequent Sino-Indian War of 1962. Know the statements Nehru made in the Parliament (both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) post the initial Chinese incursions. What were the questions posed by Samajwadi leader N.G. Gore and Jan Sangh leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Nehru? Watch this and more in today’s episode of, “Khari Baat, Prakhar Ke Sath”
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