The narrative of India’s Independence is pretty much focused on the non-violent methods propagated by Gandhi and Nehru. Is it the result of the whitewashing of India’s freedom struggle to benefit a handful? Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and the role of the Indian National Army (INA) is generally underplayed. In the time leading to World War II, England was completely engaged in its war efforts and Bose strongly felt that this was the most opportune time to up the ante for India’s Independence. Gandhi and Nehru were not in favor of Bose’s strategy. However, this did not deviate the courageous and visionary Netaji from his goals. Know how he grew to become the tallest and most influential leader for the common people in India, surpassing the popularity of the Gandhi-Nehru duo. Through authentic sources, Prakhar proves how Bose and INA was the greater reason than the Quit India Movement (led by Gandhi-Nehru), which led to hammering the final blow to the British exit of India. Prakhar quotes from Ambedkar’s BBC interview in 1955, India Wins Freedom (Book by Maulana Azad), Gandhi’s Speech (29 June 1944, Poona), The Last Days of the British Raj (Book by Leonard Mosley), Modern India: 1885-1947 (Book by Sumit Sarkar), Bose or Gandhi: Who Got India Her Freedom? (Book by G.D. Bakshi) to make his point. Know interesting facts about the contribution of Bose and INA to India’s freedom struggle during 1939-47. Watch this well-researched piece on India’s Freedom struggle on, “Khari Baat, Prakhar ke Sath”.
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