In today’s episode of “Khari Baat”, Prakhar Shrivastava reveals the darkest secrets about the greatest industrial disaster in Indian history – The Bhopal Gas Tragedy which occurred on the intervening night of 2 and 3 December 1984 and killed thousands of people and left millions disease-ridden forever. Know how injustice was perpetrated to the victims of this tragedy and the dark truths of the then Congress rule. Know-how at the behest of Rajiv Gandhi, Central and State governments played a disgusting game with gas victims. What was Rajiv Gandhi’s secret deal with the Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson and US President Ronald Reagan? How Anderson, who was convicted of this massacre was allowed to flee to America by releasing him on bail for only INR 25,000. How the actual death toll of 50,000 people was reduced to just 5265. Why only 5.74 lakh claims out of 10 lakh were treated as gas victims and after years of legal recourse, the matter was closed by compensating victims with a few thousand rupees. Know revealing truths from celebrated author Dominique Lapierre and Mr. Moti Singh (the then DM of Bhopal) about the “arrangements” between the government and Union Carbide? Know this and more from factual evidence and reports in today’s episode of, “Khari Baat, Prakhar Ke Sath”.
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