Assam is a culturally and strategically important state in India. Shockingly however, in the last 120 years the social and cultural fabric of the state including has undergone a dramatic change for the worse. The main reason behind this is Islamization. In today’s episode know how the Muslim population has abnormally increased over a period. Through facts and evidences the real ulterior motive of how this came about is revealed. How the Muslim population has spiked from 9% in 1901, to 25% in 1951 and 40% in 2021. How Assam was being nurtured under a diabolical conspiracy to become part of East Pakistan or an independent Muslim country. Assam became a part of this conspiracy during pre-Independence times. During the recently occurred CAA protests, Sharjeel Imam had called for Muslims to make a march (migrate) to Assam drawing parallels to Jinnah’s call in 1940’s for Bengali Muslims to march a similar march (migrate) to Assam. How did prominent freedom fighters Mahatma Gandhi, Gopinath Bordoloi and Subhash Chandra Bose opposed this encroachment? Know Muhammed Saadulah and Moinul Hoque Choudhury, and their conspiracy. Know how did the Nehru Gandhi family allow settlement of Muslims in Assam to nurture a permanent vote bank for itself? Know this and more and keep watching, “Khari Baat Prakhar ke Sath”.

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