In today’s episode without supporting or opposing, Prakhar Shrivastava dwells on the most sensitive and burning political topic of the country and to some extent in the world today – the farmer protests in Delhi. Prakhar is taking a closer look at the problems of Punjab farmers and the crisis in Punjab agriculture. Know the root causes, not just the symptoms. Farmers of Punjab have done a yeoman service for the country during the Green Revolution, making the country self-sufficient in food production. However, the intensive and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides (some of which are highly toxic and globally banned) has brought many health, socioeconomically and environmental challenges in Punjab’s communities. Taking Wheat as an example, which Punjab prides as being the top producer of in the country, Prakhar proves through facts and evidence that wheat produced in Punjab without state procurement will have no takers in the market due to its inferior quality. Also, the pesticide residue levels are higher than acceptable parameters, which makes the produce unfit for human consumption. They also get rejected when exported for the same reason. Madhya Pradesh produces the best quality wheat and almost the same quantity as Punjab. While Madhya Pradesh has the largest acreage of agricultural land under organic cultivation, why Punjab is far behind in organic and sustainable farming? Why farmers from Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan who make up the Top 5 in wheat production are not seen in Delhi? Know how the entire system responsible for Punjab Farmers’ agony and much more. Keep watching, “Khari Baat, Prakhar Ke Sath”.
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