One can now witness the heights of Muslim appeasement and vote bank politics in West Bengal. In fact, the foundation for Muslim appeasement can be traced back to August 15, 1947, and to none other than Mahatma Gandhi. Muslims from Bengal contributed immensely to the formation of Pakistan. Ironically, these Muslims did not migrate to East Pakistan, post-partition. In today’s episode, Prakhar Shrivastava describes this chapter of our history through facts and evidence. Know how immigration of Hindu-Muslim population between Bengal and East Pakistan was discouraged by Mahatma Gandhi. Know why Mahatma Gandhi hoisted the flag of Pakistan in Kolkata after independence. Punjab and Bengal were major conflict zones as these were the only states which faced bifurcation during the partition. But, why situations in Punjab and Bengal were different? While an almost equal number of Hindu and Muslim populations were migrating through the Punjab-Lahore border, only Bengali Hindus were forced to leave East Pakistan. Know why Bengali Muslims from West Bengal did not migrate to East Pakistan in equal numbers. Know who was Suhrawardy, the ‘Butcher of Bengal’? Know about the sacrifices of Sachin Mitra and Smritish Banerjee’s due to Gandhiji’s Muslim appeasement activities. This and more. Keep watching, Khari Baat Prakhar ke sath.
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