In this episode, PrakharShrivastava is testing the DNA of “Shaheen Bagh Mentality” of Bollywood Superstar Saif Ali Khan who happens to the sole serving heir of the last Nawab of Bhopal Hamidullah Khan. Prakhar shouldn’t be doing this, but Saif’s statement that “there was no concept of India until the British came”, made it essential to remind Saif about the doings of his forefathers. Prakhar reveals that how Saif’s great grandfather took the reins of the rule in his hands after India-Pakistan partition; announced that Bhopal state would remain a free princely state and how he tried to suppress the freedom movement by using all means possible, including brutal killings. Also, how the last Nawab of Bhopal was hands-in-glove with Jinnah in every crime and specifically in instigating anti-Hindu-Sikh riots in NWFP. To know the truth and more about Saif’s statement, do watch this interesting and revealing episode of KhariBaat Prakhar ke sath.