Communists in India are always interested in the history of others and rarely dwell on their dark past. One of such incidents is Direction Action Day. On 16 August 1946 Jinnah had called for Direct Action Day to bolster demands for the creation of Pakistan. Know how on this day, Hindus were persecuted by the Muslim League government under the leadership of Chief Minister Suhrawardy. What was saddening however the active participation of the Communist Party in those atrocities towards Hindu was? Know about this joint conspiracy of the Muslim League and Communist Party from Prakhar Shrivastava in today’s episode. Keep watching Khari Baat Prakhar ke Sath!

कैसे सुहरावर्दी के साथ एक ही घर में रुके थे महात्मा गांधी, देखि वीडियो –…​

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