In this episode Prakhar Shrivastava through facts and evidence investigates one of the most mysterious deaths in Indian political history- the death of the then President of Bharatiya Jan Sangh (BJS), Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya. He was mysteriously found dead on the railway tracks at Mughalsarai Railway Station on the night of 11 February 1968. How did the event happen remain a mystery for the last 53 years? Know how the BJS (the precursor of today’s ruling party in India-BJP) emerged as a viable option vis-à-vis the Congress under the leadership of its just 52 year old leader. Know how Deendayal Ji posed a major challenge to Indira Gandhi and the Left in the 1967 elections. The Jan Sangh organized a massive convention in December 1967 at Calicut, Kerala (a communist stronghold), where Deendayal Ji was re-elected as President, just two months prior to his mysterious death. How the death case received closure by arresting two small time robbers by the CBI. Interestingly, even the judge who presided over the investigation was not convinced of the theories placed by CBI. The investigation and judicial proceedings deepen the mystery and shows that larger and more powerful forces were at play- the Delhi-Howrah Express’ extra layover time at Mughalsarai station; suspects witnessed on the train; mystery of the file and the bottle of Phenyl; the negligent police investigation; and lackadaisical work of the CBI and more, Keep watching, “Khari Baat, Prakhar Ke Sath”.

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